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Une Étude de Ballet

The forces of inquiry and experimentation, or mere curiosity, led us to our latest photoshoot. The photographs you are about to see are to be viewed as our photographic take on a study of ballet; this should help explain our second header in French! Using the unofficial trains’ cemetery of Thessaloniki as our set, we were given the chance to use a very harsh environment (one that, thankfully, only philosophically resembles an ordinary ballet class) to experiment and learn on one of the most classical styles of dancing. Needless to say, we were very lucky to have Eleni with us in this very educational endeavor. Read More


A formidable combination of power and grace, Kákia astounded us when her dancing proved to be amazingly robust but fluid at the same time. This fusion of control and imagination demonstrated a contradiction we were happy to witness during this specific photoshoot. To explain her dancing style and philosophy she had to educate us in the ways of Martha Graham; whose legacy Kákia considers her greatest influence. Kákia is a great example of a very new breed of dancers in Thessaloniki, one that has also been quite fashionable abroad, where the delicate dancing figures and clear cut motion of more orthodox dancing styles give way to physically stronger builds and more robust and abstract motion; which in our heads helps in manifesting a clearer and more dynamic, rather than ordained and expected, set of feelings. Read More

[vimeo 45083720 w=500 h=281]

We first met Eftihia in Maria’s photo shoot at Nea Paralia, the two of them are cousins so Eftihia was present to boost Maria’s morale. When we found out that one of Eftihia’s passions is dancing, and that she had been practicing it for the biggest part of her life, we knew that she had what it took to pose for B.A.D.. Having a first-hand experience of what our photo shoots looks like, agreeing on a collaboration came naturally; as did shooting our third set!

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Maria approached the B.A.D. team on her own. Being extremely eager to dance for the project, when we only had one finished photo shoot so far, we at first hesitated to agree. When she told us that she has been dancing for as long as she can remember her self we were also taken a little aback in fear she was just exaggerating. Yet, something told us we should cover our next photo shoot with her, and we were amazed from the result…. utterly amazed!

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Katerina, a close friend of the team, is not a professional dancer. However, it’s her interest on dancing that made her one of our choices for our first shoot. While we were looking at our options we figured that what was of utmost importance to initiate the project swiftly was finding someone dedicated, somehow related to dancing, and of course willing and patient… Needless to say, Katerina came through with flying colors!
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