As our “circle” of dancers steadily grows so does our appreciation of the different styles, personalities and backgrounds that merge before our lenses to manifest the concepts we want to convey. We are very happy to present to you Karmela, another acquaintance we made through Maria and an incredibly dedicated dancer with ample talent and experience in contemporary dance. What we wanted to give you with Karmela’s photoshoot is a continuation of a previous set, the promise of one to follow, and as always, a photoshoot that we hope you will enjoy.
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And after a long time of being away from the action (only online, we can guarantee you that), it’s time we gave you a small treat. The photographs you are about to see in the end of this post come from a photoshoot we had to organize, shoot, develop and present in 48 hours for an exhibition at Action Field Kodra (AFK). AFK is an initiative created by the Municipality of Kalamaria that aims to promote the arts, using at the same time the area of what was until 1991 known as the Macedonian Resistance Captain Kodra military camp.
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Korina is a dancer we met through Maria and Eftihia. She has been dancing for many years and she claims she will be dancing even at an old age if she is able to. She has been experimenting with all kinds of dancing including ballet, jazz, latin, hip hop, contemporary, pole dancing, and aerial dancing. We chose Korina for this photoshoot because the concept we had at hand, combined of course with the area we gained access to, matched Korina’s “rougher” characteristics and style.

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[vimeo 45083720 w=500 h=281]

We first met Eftihia in Maria’s photo shoot at Nea Paralia, the two of them are cousins so Eftihia was present to boost Maria’s morale. When we found out that one of Eftihia’s passions is dancing, and that she had been practicing it for the biggest part of her life, we knew that she had what it took to pose for B.A.D.. Having a first-hand experience of what our photo shoots looks like, agreeing on a collaboration came naturally; as did shooting our third set!

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Maria approached the B.A.D. team on her own. Being extremely eager to dance for the project, when we only had one finished photo shoot so far, we at first hesitated to agree. When she told us that she has been dancing for as long as she can remember her self we were also taken a little aback in fear she was just exaggerating. Yet, something told us we should cover our next photo shoot with her, and we were amazed from the result…. utterly amazed!

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B.A.D. comment and win contest

Ernesto, Iakovos, and Yannis, send their warmest congratulations to the 6 winners of our Comment and Win contest! Please remember to get back to us informing us of your favorite picture by sending an email at and leave the rest to us.

We would like to thank all of our friends, who on the official opening of B.A.D. chose to join us and adorn our first photo shoot post with their lively comments. The nearly 2,000 visits made us proud and gave us a reason to look forward to the release of our next photo shoot in two weeks from now! Until then, enjoy the amazing pictures of Katerina at Kastra and don’t forget you can always support the project by purchasing your favorite photograph as a print.

Katerina, a close friend of the team, is not a professional dancer. However, it’s her interest on dancing that made her one of our choices for our first shoot. While we were looking at our options we figured that what was of utmost importance to initiate the project swiftly was finding someone dedicated, somehow related to dancing, and of course willing and patient… Needless to say, Katerina came through with flying colors!
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