Karmela – Seich Sou

As our “circle” of dancers steadily grows so does our appreciation of the different styles, personalities and backgrounds that merge before our lenses to manifest the concepts we want to convey. We are very happy to present to you Karmela, another acquaintance we made through Maria and an incredibly dedicated dancer with ample talent and experience in contemporary dance. What we wanted to give you with Karmela’s photoshoot is a continuation of a previous set, the promise of one to follow, and as always, a photoshoot that we hope you will enjoy.

Karmela has been dancing since the very early age of three. She has practiced more dancing styles than she can remember, but those she feels stand out are Classic, Contemporary, Jazz, Character, Musical, Modern, and Hip-Hop. What she truly prefers though, happens to be Contemporary, Jazz and Musical. Being ever active she has even starred in a movie called “Unkown (π)”. Α rolling stone by nature, she travels frequently working as a professional dancer; right now she is located in Brussels. For the past two years she is also part of a professional dance school based in Thessaloniki.

Karmela quickly picked up the concept and managed to portray the figure of a “thinker” we needed for this photoshoot with great ease. Apart from her ability to manifest with her body what her mind perceived of the concept, she also agreed to push her body to the limits and agreed to dance barefoot in a forest, which in our book means dedication and perseverance. Evidence of her hard work could be found long after the end of our photoshoot in the form of pots and holes in the ground made by her spins and jumps; and no, we are not kidding.

Shooting at Seich Sou

Our main concept this time was the representation of the preparation of the datum, as Jung would put it, for an individually induced major change in the person’s life. We aimed to picture the perception of vastness, and we did not mind with the inclusion of random visible obstacles; having everything there for their symbolic rather than their literal meanings. Our main goal was to photograph a concept that would feel as a natural follow-up of what we did with Korina’s photoshoot. Although the two concepts have many similarities, the main difference is that while the inception of a thought might be welcomed with fear and a matching background (as we did with Korina), it can at some point reach maturity and establish itself as more forceful, “audacious,” and of a more extrovert nature. In our mind both stages are extremely necessary for the individual to eventually reach a decision; this culmination will be the theme of our next photoshoot.

In a great effort to portray the personal exploration of the human psyche we could think of no other boundless and seemingly undiscovered space than that of a forested area. Knowing that we wouldn’t be able to shoot far away from Thessaloniki, we decided to hold this photoshoot in Thessaloniki’s own forest, Seich Sou. The Cedar Hill, which is the official name of the forested area that can be found in between Thessaloniki and its suburbs Asvestohori and Panorama, is an artificial forest that is systematically and very successfully reforested since the Interwar period. It is considered to be one of the few “lungs” of Thessaloniki and a pastime site of delight and discovery for its visitors. The name Seich Sou translates to “the Sheikh’s Water” in Turkish, and is most probably related to a source of water once located in the area.

With dark clouds hovering above the city in less than 15 minutes before the appointed hour for the photoshoot, and a torrent that almost drowned most of the concrete covered parts of Thessaloniki, our main obstacle during this photoshoot was obviously the weather. Reaching the forest while the rain was still falling we kept our fingers crossed it would eventually subside; as it did. To our amazement, the forest’s natural protection against floods allowed for a pretty safe environment for both Karmela and our equipment. Yet again, as any photographer will tell you, even with the rain out of the picture, the clouds were still able to help the sun play a little game of hide and seek with the crew that made us constantly change our light metering options.

Special thanks goes once again to Katerina Kolliopoulou for being our tireless stylist as well as Maria and Eftihia who found themselves in front of our lenses one more time to help us with their so much needed and appreciated presence!

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  1. Nick said:

    Περιμενοντας την 7η αποπειρα , δωστε και αλλα σε εμας που περιμενουμε να δουμε !!

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