Christina – Former Kodra Military Camp

And after a long time of being away from the action (only online, we can guarantee you that), it’s time we gave you a small treat. The photographs you are about to see in the end of this post come from a photoshoot we had to organize, shoot, develop and present in 48 hours for an exhibition at Action Field Kodra (AFK). AFK is an initiative created by the Municipality of Kalamaria that aims to promote the arts, using at the same time the area of what was until 1991 known as the Macedonian Resistance Captain Kodra military camp.

Yannis received a phone call from one of AFK’s most notable curators, Dimitris Michalaros, on a Saturday afternoon. Dimitris asked if B.A.D. would be interested in participating in a photography exhibition that was to have its opening 3 days later; giving us one more restriction besides time: “make sure it is related to Kalamaria somehow.” In but a few minutes we were online looking for potential dancers and in a couple of hours we had booked a dancer for the very next day for a photoshoot in one of Kalamaria’s most renown spots. In order to make it on time we had to spend all Sunday shooting and developing the photographs for the exhibition, and Monday printing them and setting them up at the exhibition premises.

Christina was amazing to work with. This was our first time working with her, and although we didn’t know what to expect due to the tight schedule we had to follow, she made it clear throughout the entire photoshoot that she is robust but charismatic, tough, straightforward, and with ample stamina. We have to stress the fact that we never had a chance to testshoot Christina, something we have decided to do for every dancer we meet from now on.

This was our first time to work with a new Stylist as well. Katerina Kolliopoulou is on her junior year of Film Studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Although very young, she has already worked as a Costume Designer and Costume Designer assistant for many plays and short films that took place in Thessaloniki. Thankfully, Katerina did not only bring her skills and knowledge at the photoshoot, but also a large portion of her wardrobe.

Feeling the pressure from the time given to us, and having the “Kalamaria” restriction hovering over our heads, we decided to give this photoshoot a theme using the word “restriction” itself. In every single shot we took of Christina, we tried to find a way to apply some sort of restriction.

What we learned from this experience is what the B.A.D. crew can accomplish given a 48-hour deadline. We knew we would be able to make it to the exhibition but we did not stop at just that. Finding ourselves in Kodra with Christina we decided to not just shoot for the 6 photos (2 per each participant) that the exhibition requested but finish a full-blown photoshoot that we would be able to present here as well! We were very thrilled by the experience and we are really happy to present you with a set that means a lot to us!

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  1. mou arese h ais8hsh tou periorismou poy exoun oles oi foto!!! congratulations guys and christinaaa!!!!! 😉

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