Eftihia – Antique shop

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We first met Eftihia in Maria’s photo shoot at Nea Paralia, the two of them are cousins so Eftihia was present to boost Maria’s morale. When we found out that one of Eftihia’s passions is dancing, and that she had been practicing it for the biggest part of her life, we knew that she had what it took to pose for B.A.D.. Having a first-hand experience of what our photo shoots looks like, agreeing on a collaboration came naturally; as did shooting our third set!

Eftihia, who is right now studying at the School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, started dancing at the early age of four. Over the years, and trying to support her city, Kalamata, she has also been participating in many dancing seminars and contests – most of them related to Kalamata’s Dance Festival. As you will witness, Eftihia’s photo shoot has been quite influenced by a more classical approach to dancing. Although she does practice other styles as well, the moment she started posing we could immediately identify the simplicity and structured form that one would expect to see from a dancer “touched” by ballet for years.

Eftihia was a real joy to photograph. First and foremost, Maria became her personal stylist and also provided her with a peculiarly endless wardrobe; this way we started the photo shoot with more styling props than we could ask for. Apart from that Eftihia could quickly pinpoint what we expected to see from her and she also welcomed every suggestion with a smile. This is but a hint, but you might be seeing more of Eftihia in B.A.D. in the future…

Shooting at an antique shop…
Being 2,300 years old and having changed its population composition many times in the past, someone would expect from Thessaloniki to be full of artifacts and items that would reflect the presence of more than just one culture. This is basically a fact; Thessaloniki has not only changed hands over the millennia (Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, and Greeks to name a few) but also has been a hub for many cultures and communities to grow in what sometimes seemed like an oasis for multiculturalism. It is only natural that as people shifted through Thessaloniki over the centuries, some of their belongings would linger to tell a story that would otherwise be long forgotten. This explains why so many antique shops exist in Thessaloniki; and this is how we decided to shoot our third photo shoot in one.

Very close to Thessaloniki’s outskirts and in the area of New Risio, the Antique Center antique shop opened its doors to the B.A.D. crew and Eftihia. Giving us the ability to “play” with anything from stacks of rare philosophy books to huge vintage film projection machines we were overwhelmed by the size of the shop and the multitude of objects we could use to create a set. However, this did not come with no cost.

This photo shoot was the team’s first to take place indoors and the first where it was crucial to use non-natural lighting. Although all three of us had a somewhat good relationship with strobes and photo shoots taken in closed premises, the duration, the actual late hour of the day and the nature of the photo shoot made it really hard to focus on the wants and needs of each one of us. However, it was through this adversity that we felt that we were bonding as a crew more than in any other previous photo shoot. The end of the day (or should we say the beginning of the next one, since we decided it was a wrap at 4 am) left us with feeling content and with a notion that one more successful photo shoot was over; and as you will see, the feelings were right!

  1. mpravo paidia ! gia allh mia fora mas kataplhksate… fobero mood !! ka8e fotografhsh einai diaforetikh kai ayto einai poy krata to endiaforon zontano!!! synexiste etsi!!!!

  2. Nick Past said:

    Φοβερη δουλεια η τριτη και ενα απιθανο project. 3 ατομα με διαθεση και κεφι μονο καλα αποτελεσματα μπορουν να φερουν !!!

    • Ευχαριστούμε πάρα πολύ Νίκο! Τέτοια σχόλια μας δίνουν τη δύναμη να συνεχίσουμε και να προκαλέσουμε τους εαυτούς μας για ακόμη καλύτερα αποτελέσματα!

  3. nektarios said:

    poly oraia!

  4. Dora Pontika said:

    I really enjoyed the pics, especially those in the trunk! Artistic and clever! Congrats to the model and to those behind the scenes!! Keep up the good work!

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