Kastra of Thessaloniki – Katerina

Katerina, a close friend of the team, is not a professional dancer. However, it’s her interest on dancing that made her one of our choices for our first shoot. While we were looking at our options we figured that what was of utmost importance to initiate the project swiftly was finding someone dedicated, somehow related to dancing, and of course willing and patient… Needless to say, Katerina came through with flying colors!

Retrospecting the photoshoot at Kastra, we know that Katerina made for a great “model” helping both the project and of course us. Although not experienced with modeling, Katerina withstood an approximately 4 hours long shoot, during which we know for a fact that she got pushed to her limits without showing the slightest notion of discomfort (we hope she wasn’t faking it!).

Being the first time to shoot as a team we managed to learn a lot about ourselves, the project as a whole, and of course each other. We are more than certain that as B.A.D. grows so will we, with insights about photography and dancing educating us in a way only experience can.

A few words about Thessaloniki’s Kastra…

The City Walls of Thessaloniki (aka Kastra) have been the gem of the Princess of the North since times immemorial. Having the time to scout about the area, we were able to find a few spots that tickled our imagination. Having a few shots prepared in only a matter of minutes of scouting, we felt very confident about the shooting that was to follow a week later. The sight was swarming with very discreet tourists during the actual shooting and we did make sure to return the favor so we wouldn’t disturb their educational visit to one of Thessaloniki’s most representative landmarks; parts of which happen to be more than 1600 years old.

Shooting at Kastra with Katerina was a fulfilling experience to say the least, but also a double edged sword. Being a renown sight of Thessaloniki, even visible from other parts of the city, it has attracted many lenses and a million more clicks than what it takes to make it a cliché. However, due to emotional and aesthetic reasons, we decided to go ahead with the photo shoot in a place as  representative of Thessaloniki as Kastra are. Iakovos and Yannis were both born and raised in Thessaloniki while Ernesto has lived and worked there for enough time to make him feel more like a “Thessalonikian” than anything else (although very proud of his Pereaus heritage!) As for the aesthetic part, noone can question the magnificence and awe manifesting from this landmark that towers above Thessaloniki and the Thermaic gulf.

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  2. Fobero video kai akoma pio ekplhktikes oi fotografies!!! En8oysiastika…Poly epaggelmatikh doyleia! Bravo paidia! synexiste me thn idia oreksh gia na doyme kai alla tetoia project!!!! Congratulations!!!!! 🙂 😀

  3. sandy said:

    Excellent work! Congratulations!!!

  4. Dora Pontika said:

    Loved it! Keep up the good work!

  5. Bravo! Great initiative. I love it. This is what I call art and entrepreneurship bond together into a good marriage

  6. sofia iordanidou said:

    bravo iakwve kai bravo kai sta ypoloipa paidia.polu kali douleia,epaggelmatiki.eeeeeee epeidi zilepsa thelw kai egw eeeeeeee.xaxa



  8. anna ermidou said:

    bravo paidia poli wraio concept k poli omorfes fwtografies!! Sinexiste me auto to ruthmo!!!

  9. iosifidou xenia said:

    great pictures guys!!!Keep up the good work!!!!!

  10. Dimos Galanopoulos said:

    poly wraies foto paidia!!!
    Eksairetiki douleia!!
    Synexiste etsi 😀

  11. Nikos pastellas said:

    Φοβερες φωτογραφιες παιδια και το video μου θυμισε ντοκιμαντερ που αφορα ανθρωπων δουλειες. Ωραιο style, περιεχομενο και πανω απο ολα φωτογραφιες που δειχνουν μια αλλη πλευρα της ”χορευτικης” θεσσαλονικης.

  12. Eleni said:

    fairy tales dancing through my eyes….

  13. Ria Stamopoulou said:

    Πολύ ωραίες οι φωτογραφίες! Μου αρέσουν όλες πάρα πολύ και το ξέρετε! Καλή συνέχεια, πάμε δυναμικά :p

  14. Alexia said:

    Love it!! Innovation, imagination, art and surprise!!!

  15. maroulaki/ mairentoula/ sis/ mary :) said:

    kalo mina.. kali arxi..!! thumbs up and keep up!!! mexri k i koutsi maria eide tis fwto k eipe oti itan ekpliktikes..!! 😉

  16. Thank you all for your feedback and kind words! We hit around 2000 visits yesterday during our opening day thanks to all of you! Stay tuned for the announcement of the 6 winners later tonight! 🙂

  17. Katerina said:

    Hi, eimai h Katerina!Kalimera se olous!Pame gera!Me souper sxolia! Bravo stous prwtous nikites! SUPPORT,SUPPORT,SUPPORT!
    Me thn eukeria: thank u Iakwve, Yianni, Ernesto!!Keep shooting!Great gob!!:)

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